A Community Approach


Established in 2011, Xpekt is a Managing General Agent that delivers niche motor products to the UK broker market. All our business is transacted through brokers that we have worked with for many years, both as part of Xpekt and before. We remain completely committed to transacting all our business via our broker partners. 

We employ a team of experienced underwriters capable of giving underwriting consideration and an immediate response to an enquiry. All our underwriters are very experienced having worked in the UK Motor Insurance market for many years. 

Many of our competitors today have developed what they would consider to be highly sophisticated products and they rely heavily upon technology to deliver their products. As a small niche player we can demonstrate much greater flexibility and understanding. For example, we can recognise that because your client has recently moved or upgraded to a new model of car, the risk they represent has not in reality doubled requiring a 100% rise in their premium. However, our larger competitors are taking this view because your client is no longer on the electoral roll or no longer has the driving experience of the insured vehicle. A difficult one to explain to your client but a problem we’re sure you are facing more regularly. 

For this reason, we choose to work with a panel of smaller, community type brokers that know their clients personally. In a similar way, this reflects our approach of a close working relationship with all our appointed brokers. There is always scope to add to our community.